Scholarship for Vietnamese students Scholarship for Vietnamese students

  • The Scholarship Program supports the development of global leaders by providing access to quality higher education.

  • Overview

    The Fast Retailing Foundation supports aspiring and ardent Vietnamese students who wish to study at Japanese universities, encouraging them to cultivate an understanding of the Japanese culture, harnessing and enhancing their gifts through intellectual exchanges as well as acquire the knowledge which they need in order to study in Japan.

    The Foundation hopes that scholarship students with a sense of mission will make a significant contribution to the development and growth of societies in Vietnam, Japan, and the rest of the world,and we look forward to working together to make our societies better places for the generations to come.

  • Scholarship Program Overview
    (Please refer to the PDF "Application Guidelines" below for application information)

    ■Number of students accepted :

    Up to 10 students per year

    ■Admission Period :

    2025 Spring and Autumn enrollment

    ■Designated universities :

    Please see the PDF file "Designated Universities" below

    ■Qualifications and requirements for application :

    Please see the PDF file "Application Guidelines" below

    ■Funds granted in this scholarship :

    1) Tuition (the amount charged by the university for student enrollment)
    2) Airfare and preparations necessary for enrollment in the university.
    3) Monthly stipend as living support fund and housing expenses.
    * The amount differs according to the region.
    * To secure a safe environment that enables students to concentrate on their studies, students are required to live in housing that meets or exceeds the conditions specified by the Foundation when they choose to live outside the dormitory.
    * The living support fund is designed to cover housing costs, educational materials, food, and other daily expenses.
    4) Overseas travel insurance designated by the Foundation (for the duration of study at the university)

    ■The maximum scholarship fund :

    4,000,000 yen per year

    ■ Period and timing of payment :

    The scholarship payment will continue until graduation from the university, excluding any period of leave of absence. (For details, please refer to the PDF file "Application Guidelines" below.)


    ☐Registration acceptance:
    July 1(Mon.) – August 4(Sun.), 2024, 23:59 Japan Standard Time (hereinafter “JST”)
    • The registration form on the Foundation’s website will be open during the above period.
    • Only those registered will receive an application form by e-mail.


    ☐Application acceptance:
    July 1(Mon.) – September 1(Sun.), 2024, 23:59 Japan Standard Time (hereinafter “JST”)
    • Only those registered in our registration form will receive an application form by e-mail.
    ☐Notification of invitation to the first interview:
    Not later than September 20(Fri.), 2024, 18:00 JST
    • Those who are invited to the first interview will be notified personally by e-mail.
    ☐First interview:
    September 28(Sat.) or September 29(Sun.), 2024, All day, JST
    ・Subjects: Those who received an invitation to the first interview / Venue: Online or in-person
    ☐Notification of invitation for final interview:
    Not later than October 11 (Fri.), 2024, JST
    • Those who are invited to the final interview will be notified personally by e-mail.
    ☐Final interview:
    October 18 (Fri.), 2024. All day JST
    ・Subjects: Those who passed the first interview / Venue: Online or in-person


    • The screening schedule is subject to change at the Foundation's discretion. The Foundation will not be responsible for any disadvantages incurred to the applicants due to any change in the schedule.
    • When applying for this scholarship, be sure to enter the following information in the registration form on the Foundation’s website during the registration period. Only those registered will receive an application form link by e-mail. Information requirements are subject to change.

    ■Notification of acceptance/rejection

    The Foundation will notify the applicant of the final decision on acceptance/rejection by e-mail not later than October 25 (Fri.), 2024


    • The information you provide in your application may be shared with the Foundation, the parties, contractors and individuals for our activities, including the screening process. The applicant is deemed to have consented to this item when they make the application.
    • The Foundation will not respond to any questions regarding its screening policy, screening process, or the circumstances or reasons for the screening results.
      (There are other cautions in addition to the above. Please see the attached PDF "Application Guidelines")

  • 【Application Guidelines / Application Guidelines / FAQs / Scholarship Brochure】

    【Contact information】

    Scholarship Program Manager, Fast Retailing Foundation

    ※Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the information listed in the following PDF "Scholarship Program FAQs". Please check the information in the FAQs beforehand.